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DFT DUO BURN product packaging






  • Weight Management+
  • Supports Appetite Management+
  • Enhanced Delivery Technology+
  • Balanced Duo Release+
  • Enhanced Bioavailability+
  • Nutritional Support+

DFT DUO BURN is one of the greatest steps forward in nutritional weight management. Offering a dual-action left and right adhesive application, resulting in a larger fusion footprint that provides a balanced release, BURN utilizes a special concentration of Forslean 95% extract, which is one of the world’s most clinically-studied ingredients for weight loss and weight management.

BURN is not only intended to help your cravings but it's designed to jumpstart and propel you into a state of BURN thermogenesis. DFT DUO BURN’s thermogenesis speeds up your system by burning calories and stored fat for your body's energy. THRIVERS will notice they are actually hungrier while using BURN, which is a sign that their system is “on the move”, burning calories and fat.

DFT DUO BURN is formulated to support appetite management--note the use of “appetite management” rather than “appetite suppression”--our bodies are intended to, and need to have food. BURN’s formula is engineered in a manner to curb your body's cravings for the wrong foods.

While using BURN and experiencing thermogenesis hunger (a desire to snack in-between meals), if you pick healthy foods, you'll boost the effect of BURN. Moderation with carbohydrates and sugar is critical. If you consume too many carbs and too much sugar, your body will look to the incoming carb and sugar intake for its fuel. When your body has less carbohydrates and sugars, it turns to stored fat and calories to supply the body's energy.

BURN’s high grade adhesive has been uniquely engineered specifically for DFT DUO BURN and is different than the adhesives on the other DFT products. The adhesive's role is to help dilate the pores of the skin to allow for the bulk load of ingredients in BURN to properly, and more effectively, transfer to your skin.

For best results with your weight and appetite management goals, use DFT DUO BURN as Step 3 of the THRIVE Experience along with THRIVE Lifestyle Capsules and THRIVE Lifestyle Mix Shakes. A great step forward in weight management is here—experience BURN.